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Praia Da Rocha

Set on the South coast of Portugal in the beautiful Algarve, Praia Da Rocha is a beach volleyballers paradise. Just a 3 hour flight from the UK and you will find yourself immersed in a buzzing beach town surrounded by like minded people. The town centre hosts a number of restaurants and bars with cuisines from around the world. If you fancy escaping the town for a few hours then you can visit the famous caves of the Algarve or head into Portimao. Praia Da Rocha is around a 45 minute car/bus journey from Faro airport. For more info on Praia Da Rocha then head over to there official website HERE

Group Selection

Camp participants will be asked to fill in a group allocation form prior to the camp. This allocation form will give us an idea of your level and will allow us to allocate them an initial group. The first session in Portugal will be used to make any initial changes to the groups to ensure players are being challenged at the right level. Following every training session throughout the week, the coaches will meet and identify any player that needs to move up or down levels. Alternatively, players can sign up as a group of 6.

Training Philosophy

Each training session will have a clear focus that pushes you to learn and improve. Our crack team of coaches are on hand to take you through well structured sessions that not only feel like a good workout but also with key learning points and tips.

Travel Info

You are responsible for booking your own flights. Closest Airport : Faro Airport - approx. 1 hour from Praia Da Rocha Transfers from the airport can be easily organised online through Hoppa or our official transfer provider Yellow Fish Transfers.

Camp Timetable

Subject to change


You can choose to stay in our official camp hotel (Hotel Da Rocha), or find your own accommodation. We are happy to advise you on reccomended hotels in the area.


We offer a gold and silver package with the only difference being that in the gold package you receive the training sessions and silver you do not. Both packages are available with and without accommodation.

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